Candy Crush Saga Mania: Tips and Tricks

Candy Crush Saga Mania: Tips and Tricks

candy crush saga

Candy Crush Saga is the most popular video game for smartphones and Facebook that was released on November 14 2012 created by Six months after developed, “Candy Crush Saga” exceed FarmVille 2 on Facebook with 45.6 million average monthly users. The highest-grossing app in the Apple and Google app stores.

iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 are compatible in downloading Candy Crush Saga which have  iPhone Operting System (iOS) version 4.3.5.

 Type of Game Modes

  • Moves: The player is given a set number of moves and must meet the minimum score before running out of moves.
  • Jelly: Some if not all of the candies on the board are encased in “jelly” and the player must match the candies to eliminate one or two layers of jelly from the board using a set number of moves.
  • Ingredients: Special unmatchable game pieces (cherries and chestnuts) appear on the board and the player must clear the pieces beneath them to get them to a delivery point using a set number of moves. A menu appears on screen to tell the player how many ingredients are needed to win the game.
  • Time Limited: The player must reach the 1 star score within a set time limit. Special pieces appear on the board to add time to the clock.
  • Candy Order: The player must collect a specific number of colored candies, special candies, or special candy combinations using a set number of moves.

Levels are organized into “Episodes” of 15 levels each, with the background themed to a certain setting. There are currently 320 levels in Candy Crush Saga as per check in youtube.

Tips and Tricks:

      • When four same-colored candies are matched in a row a Striped Candy is created. The orientation of the stripes depends on the way the four candies were aligned. When this piece is matched, it will clear all of the candies in either a horizontal or vertical direction.
      • When five same-colored candies are matched in either an L or T shape formation a Wrapped Candy is created. When this candy is matched it explodes twice in a row, clearing a 3 by 3 box around itself each time.
      • When five same-colored candies are matched in a single line a Color Bomb is created. When this candy is swapped with any other candy, all candies of that color are removed from the board.
      • When a Striped Candy and Wrapped Candy (of any color) are swapped together, a giant super candy is created. Upon creation it moves in a horizontal direction and then a vertical direction, clearing 3 rows of candies and then 3 columns of candies.
      • Jelly Fish can also appear (or be purchased), and if they are matched they will clear 3 candies at random from the board. 

Achieve a score that will earn you at least 1 star and complete the challenge which is explained at the start of each level are the two goals.


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